Research Platform for Smart Facilities Management

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Research Platform for Smart Facilities Management (RP-SMARF) is the first cloud-based platform to allow widely-dispersed researchers to share scattered data analysis tools, databases and expertise toward building smart facilities in the increasingly interconnected smart cities of the future.

The RP-SMARF platform allows easy resource sharing among researchers of smart facilities that include sensor-based bridges and sensor-equipped industrial machinery such as turbines and aeroplane auxiliary power units. A resource can be a computing device (physical or virtual), a data storage resource such as a database, files or folders located on a computer or a software tool or application. By facilitating resource sharing, authorized researchers from a multi-institutional collaboration team are able to access a large and diverse set of resources which leads to a higher productivity and effectiveness. If necessary, access to a resource (e.g. a data analysis tool or a set of data) can be limited by the owner of the resource to a predefined set of users. Tools may be either batch type tools which consume data and produce result data or they may be interactive type tools and the user can interact with the tool in real time.

The tools can be run on the RP-SMARF cloud platform or directly on a server at the institution which is supporting the tool. For many tool authors, this is much easier than supporting the tool running on a variety of hardware platforms in multiple locations. To make it easy to find the tools and data which are useful to a given researcher, resources are organized into communities and a user can join a community. Besides resources, communities also include forums to allow researchers to communicate their research results and discuss matters of common interest.

The Team

Principal Investigator

Shikharesh Majumdar


David Lau


Marc St-Hilaire


Jie Liu

Project Manager

Biswajit Nandy

Software Developers and Testers

  • Andrew McGregor (Carleton University)

  • Don Bennett (Solana Networks)

  • Orlando Melendez (Carleton University)

  • Imran Ahmad (Carleton University)

  • Navdeep Kapoor (Carleton University)

Carleton University Students

  • Anshuman Biswas

  • Liam Davidson

  • Norman Lim

  • Amir Tehranian

  • Kun Zhang


How the Cloud Can Make Cities Smarter

October, 2014
How do you collaborate on engineering research across the country? Through the power of the Internet and cloud computing, of course. Read more...

Carleton University and Solana Networks work on CANARIE project

Sep 9, 2014
Carleton University in partnership with Solana has won a contract to develop a next-generation cloud-based monitoring system which will operate on the CANARIE network. Read more...

Shikharesh Majumdar Receives CANARIE Funding to Help Build Smart Facilities

June 23rd, 2014
Carleton Prof. Shikharesh Majumdar in the Faculty of Engineering and Design has received funding for a new cloud-based platform that will help researchers build smart facilities and smart cities. Read more...

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Civil Engineering – Bridges

This community is focused on the study of telemetry from bridges throughout Canada. A number of regularly updated sources of data from bridges are available as well as several tools to predict the performance of bridges under various weather conditions.

Mechanical Engineering

This community supports the activities of mechanical engineering researchers, especially in the area of turbine design and vibration management.

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